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The History of Conveyor Lines - Conveyor Line Manufacturers

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The History of Conveyor Lines - Conveyor Line Manufacturers

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In ancient China, high-speed drum trucks and water-lifting dumpers were the embryonic forms of modern bucket elevators and scraper conveyors; in the mid-17th century, overhead Cableways were used to transport bulk materials; in the mid-19th century, various modern structures of conveyors appeared one after another.

Belt conveyors appeared in England in 1868, screw conveyors in America in 1887, steel belt conveyors in Switzerland in 1905, and inertial conveyors in Britain and Germany in 1906. Afterwards, influenced by the technological progress of machinery manufacturing, motor, chemical industry and metallurgical industry, the conveyor has been continuously improved. It has gradually developed from the completion of conveying in workshop to the completion of material handling within enterprises, between enterprises and even between cities. It has become an indispensable part of the mechanization and automation of material handling system. Points. Conveyor line manufacturer

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