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Origin and Classification of Pipeline Equipment

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Origin and Classification of Pipeline Equipment

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Origin and Classification of Pipeline Equipment

One origin

Once upon a time, in a small town in northern England, Ivy owned a fish and fried potato chip shop. In the store, each customer needs to queue up to order his or her food (such as fried cod, fried potato chips, pea paste, and a cup of tea). Then each customer waits for the plate to fill up and sits down to eat. The fried potato chips in Ivy's are the best in town. At noon on every market day, a long queue is discharged from the shop. So when the next wooden shop closed, Ivy rented it. They couldn't add another service desk; Ivy's COD and Bert's fried potato chips were the main selling points in the store. But then they came up with a clever way. They lengthened the counter. Ivy, Bert, Dionysus and Mary stood in a row. When the customers came in, Ivy gave them a plate with fish, then Bert added fried potato chips, Dionysus added pea paste, and finally Mary poured tea and collected money. Customers kept walking; when a customer got pea paste, he had fried potato chips in the back, and fish in the back. Some poor villagers don't eat pea paste - but it doesn't matter. These customers can also get a smile from Dionysus. As a result, the queue became shorter, and soon afterwards, they bought the opposite store and added more seats. This is the assembly line. Divide the repetitive work into several serial parts so that the work can move among the workers. Each skilled worker only needs to do his part of the work in turn. Although the total waiting time for each customer remained unchanged, four customers were able to receive the service at the same time, tripling the number of customers who could take care of them during lunch on market day.

Two classification

Pipeline equipment includes: production line equipment; assembly line equipment; automation line equipment; industrial line equipment; belt conveyor line equipment; assembly line equipment; chain board equipment; drum line equipment; differential line equipment; suspension line equipment; plug-in line equipment; turnaround vehicle; Platform; Hoist; Coating and drying equipment; Storage rack; Stainless steel products; Wire rod products; Non-standard equipment, pipeline equipment!

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