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Industrial Automation Equipment Automation Pipeline Equipment

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Industrial Automation Equipment Automation Pipeline Equipment

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Industrial Automation Equipment Automation Pipeline Equipment

Industrial automation equipment is the collective name of many automation products, automation equipment is in the absence of human intervention, according to the established instructions or procedures, automatically complete the task of the workflow. Automation equipment is widely used in manufacturing, food production line, electronic and electrical packaging production line, and plays an important role in agriculture, logistics and other industries.

2 classification of equipment

Industrial automation equipment mainly includes two categories: production line equipment: drum assembly line, belt assembly line, chain plate assembly line, drying assembly line, assembly line, differential chain assembly line, plug-in assembly line, assembly line and so on; automatic special machine: oven, industrial oven, drill, etc. Hole machine, rivet machine, hoist, transplanter, necking machine, etc.

3 features of equipment

1. Highly automated procedures, without manual operation; 2. High efficiency, improve enterprise production efficiency; 3. The production process of the whole process is stable, improve product consistency; 4. Suitable for mass production, reduce enterprise production costs.

4 equipment maintenance

1. Check the power supply, gas source and hydraulic source of the equipment regularly; 2. Check whether the sensor of the equipment deviates from the original position regularly; 3. Check the flow control valve, pressure control valve and relay of the product equipment regularly; 4. Check the equipment monthly and yearly; 5. Check the equipment regularly.

5. Future Development of Industrial Automation Equipment

During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the Ministry of Science and Technology will take the lead in organizing the "Demonstration Project for Innovation and Application of NC Generation Machinery Products" (hereinafter referred to as "Demonstration Project"), comprehensively promoting the application of NC technology, realizing the transformation and upgrading of China's machinery products, improving the independent innovation ability and added value of machinery products, and vigorously promoting the leading role of mechanical engineering. Scientific and technological progress in the field. Great achievements have been made in the development of industrial automation equipment in China. However, there are still some serious problems in mechanical products, such as low added value and low competitiveness. High-end mechanical products still rely heavily on imports. Insufficient product innovation and quality problems are the main reasons for this situation.

There is a shortage of innovative technical talents. Restricted by the traditional concept of job selection and cultural environment, there is a sharp shortage of technicians engaged in manufacturing industry. China is now facing a structural shortage of labor force, a shortage of migrant workers and high-level skilled workers, and a sharp rise in manufacturing costs. Automation can drive its industry forward.

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