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Brief Introduction of Suspension Pipeline

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Brief Introduction of Suspension Pipeline

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Suspension chains, using ball bearings as chain wheels, guide rails are made of 16Mn material after deep processing, service life of more than 5 years. Chain pitch commonly used 150/200/240/250 and so on, single point load-bearing is also different. At the same time, the single point load-bearing of the chain can be increased by choosing the type of hanger. The conveyor line can turn and climb freely, and can adapt to various geographical conditions. The conveyor line is mainly used in the air distribution of materials in the workshop. A reasonable design scheme can organically combine the warehouse, assembly line and other related nodes, which can straighten out the logistics in the workshop to the greatest extent and produce greater benefits. The conveyor line can also be used for the installation of motorcycle frame and the drying conveyor of spraying equipment.

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