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Operating Rules of Flanging Machine

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Operating Rules of Flanging Machine

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1. Before operation, wear tight protective clothing, cuff fastening, jacket hem can not be opened, and do not wear, take off clothes, or surround the body in order to prevent machine cramps. Safety hats must be worn well, braids should be put into hats, and skirts and slippers should not be worn.

2. Folding workers need to undergo certain professional learning, to understand the structure, performance of machine tools and the correct way to install dies, in order to operate independently.

3. Add lubricant before use and check the empty car for two minutes.

4. After startup, it is necessary to wait for normal operation speed before starting work; at the same time, it is necessary to observe the dynamics of the surrounding personnel to prevent injuries.

5. The machine tool shall not be used beyond the specifications.

6. Multi-person operation should be directed by one person. When the workpiece rolls over or moves forward or backward, the operators on both sides should keep in close contact and act in the same way.

7. No welding scar and bigger burr are allowed on the material to prevent the damage of the die.

8. After work, cut off the power supply, do a good job of machine tool maintenance and environmental cleaning.

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